Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Should I wear trousers

I was in the clothes shop Matalan the other day and got quite excited. I'm in the market for a new suit because it seems unlikely that I'll ever lose enough weight to fit into the Marks and Spencers pinstripe number I bought for ten pounds. There were literally hundreds of suit jackets but no matching trousers. "Perfect for Skype teaching," I exclaimed, "as long as I don't stand up." That got me thinking about the right clothes to wear as a Skype piano teacher. When I taught in the classroom many years ago I was very much influenced by a book on teaching by Peter Pook where he says that many discipline problems that teachers experience can be put down to what he calls WC. WC stands for Wrong Clothes. I think he's right - you always need to look the part. Often, I'm teaching quite late at night. Certainly, lessons cross over into my usual bedtime but it wouldn't do to shower, put on my pyjamas and dressing gown and then teach wearing those. I don't think I've ever put on a tie just to teach on Skype but I do try to look presentable. Perhaps a dab or two of aftershave as well? That reminds me - I must get rid of that four o'clock shadow next time.

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  1. PJs in the form of punjammies can look mighty smart nowadays for night-time skypal attire and ethical if you buy them direct from a fairtrade supplier.